Chorlton roof lantern project

It’s been a sunny start to the autumn months and one Chorlton roof lantern customer has had a better view than most of those blue skies overhead.

A few weeks ago, That Glass Company delivered and installed an aluminium roof lantern on a property in Chorlton in south Manchester.

The project had a few simple goals:

• Let in as much natural light as possible.
• Keep the large roof lantern structurally sound.
• Ensure an aesthetically pleasing finish.

At dimensions of 2 metres wide and 4 metres long, the roof lantern – shaped like an elongated roof pyramid with glazed skylight elements meeting at a ridge – lets in plenty of daylight but needed careful design to meet all of the aims of the project.

Our client wanted a contemporary look, so we opted for a fairly minimal aluminium frame, which is able to provide the pitched pyramid-like shape and the necessary level of support.

Designing a large roof lantern

Our team started with the size dimensions of the roof lantern, and then worked to calculate how many aluminium spars it would take to make certain that it is structurally sound.

At the same time, we aimed to position these aluminium struts in a way that ensured a high level of aesthetic appeal for the finished product.

In the end, we were able to construct an aluminium frame that still leaves plenty of space for large panes of low-iron clear self-cleaning glass, letting in a good amount of natural light and minimising maintenance for the future.

The finished product is structurally safe not only in fair weather, but also for the upcoming winter months, whether they bring heavy rain, sub-freezing temperatures, wind or snow.

And it looks great, with a contemporary design that still bears all the hallmarks of a traditional roof lantern.

Our client said: “I was put in contact with That Glass Company through a friend who had previously had work done by them. Their delivery from start to finish has been seamless, not to mention the high standard of the product.”

Let some light into your life

If you’d like to learn more about this Chorlton roof lantern project or about any of our roof pyramids and bespoke skylights, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We’re always happy to talk about our past work and success, and about how a roof lantern could help to let even more natural light into your home on flat roofs like garage conversions, kitchen refurbs and one-storey extensions.